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November 6, 2017

Do I really need an SSL certificate for my website?

Adding SSL to your website is an one time installation and it works by creating permanent, safe and secure connection between the website and visitors visiting your website. It simply keeps the criminals at bay and provides many direct benefits to you and especially your customers. Think of it as something as essential as antivirus on your computer or seat belt in your car. Yes, you can drive without a seat belt, but it will save your life in accidents much like antivirus can prevent bigger problems down the road.


Here are five good reasons why you need SSL:

  1.  It Safeguards Your Website From Attacks
  2. It Protects Visitors on Your Site
  3. Visible Trust Seal Ensures Trustworthiness
  4. Once Installed, It is a Permanent Protection
  5. It Boosts Your Position on Google Search Page


Isn’t my site too small to be targeted by hackers?

Most hacking are done without a human deciding who is attacked. So when malware is scanning web trying to find vulnerabilities, any unsecured website is a huge potential target.

How will my visitors know If I my website is secured?

Once installed it gives visual cues to your visitors, such as a green padlock icon () or a green bar. This trust seal indicates to visitors that your site is secured with a SSL certificate and it instils more trust in your customers.

How to pick the right SSL?

SSL differ in loading speed and browser compatibility. Good thing to note is that SSL certificates are only as valid as the company you buy it from. If you have a e-Commerce site you should consider using EV SSL certificate (EV stands for Extended Validation). You should also decide if you need SSL for single domain or do you need it on your subdomains too. Using SSL Certificates can raise customer trust and increase website conversion. If you need help, we can take handle it for you.  We use SSLs with SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption to protect sensitive data. It’s the strongest encryption on the market today, supports virtually all browsers,  and it is virtually uncrackable.

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