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Need a new design for your next Newsletter? Do you want to update your website with the latest security patch and keep it regularly backed up, but you don’t have the time? Do you need new business card for new employee? A business brochure to inform your customers about new product or service you’re soon launching? Just need to keep your social media channels updated with relevant content? Digital Shout can handle it all for you.

Web design

Ok, we know you know that having a good website is important. But do you know what makes a good website? What separates good versus not so good one?

Humans are visual creatures. They will judge your website within mere seconds of arriving on it. Does your website looks outdated compared to the competition? A well build site can generate better traffic and improved interface will increase conversion. But good looking website is not all. It needs to have good navigation, meaning average user should navigate it easily and find information he’s looking for. Your website should be extension of your brand image, customers need to be able to recognise your brand in all digital and print forms. Your website is a great way to build trust and user-friendly environment where your potential customers can come and return to find more about your business.

Social media

You know how everybody is talking about  how online communication is important? How you should write blogs, have an active social media communication? Well, they are right. Why? Because telling stories has the power to increase customer loyalty and attract customers. 

We’ll ensure you stay on top of your game. Managing social can be cumbersome if you don’t have the time or expertise to do it. Facebook is the biggest and probably the most powerful social network in the world with billions of users. Depending on your industry, you have to have social media presence. Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest or Snapchat are all a digital channels with active user base. Make sure you use the right tools and reaching the right audience with the right message.  We can help you decide on which digital media will help you connect with your audience.

Print materials

You would think print materials are dead, right? Yeah, online marketing is the hottest thing since sliced bread. However, print marketing is still important part in any marketing campaign.

Sure, people will find you on Google Maps, but how will they find your shop? You need a nice sign, right? If you are local restaurant you need printed flyers, promotional leaflet, not to mention printed menu. Meeting clients? Sure, you will add them on LinkedIn later, but give them something tangible, something that represents you and your image – firm handshake and a printed business card. The worst thing you can do is to try to design and produce everything yourself. Pull in the experts. Consistency and quality is key to a successful business brand.


You can’t just open up a shop and hope for the best. You might have the best product in the neighbourhood, but if nobody knows about your business, few people will come to you and buy your product.

Advertising is the best way to communicate to the customers. It was always resting on the art of connecting brands and consumers. It still is. More than ever, it’s about authentic, compelling and engaging stories. People are now more connected, they can share stories via click of a button. You remember how people always said that word of mouth is the best medium of all? Well, the great internet makes it even easier to spread the word. People want brands to help them and in some ways, improve their lives. Call us, let us help you reach your audience and improve their lives.